During our time away from the mats, our staff has dedicated time to bring our members a vast library of techniques to be done and studied at home. The videos we offer don’t just include Jiu Jitsu lessons but also include, lifting videos, aerobic exercises, movement drills and most recently, self defense.

Coach Liz Tran, who is a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as well as an edged weapons and self defense expert has begun sharing her techniques. Liz has many years of experience in law enforcement with first hand experience of real world self defense.

It is imperative to be familiar with self defense for all situations. Coach Liz goes over the basics of distance control and how to approach danger. Along with Jiu Jitsu self defense, Liz will help you understand how items found at home can be used to defend yourself and even save your life.

During this time it is our duty to make sure our students are gathering as much information they can to continue their training and improvement. Please contact the staff if you’re not a member of our Facebook group or our online technique library.

– GFTeam staff.