2. Shoes or sandals on feet when you step off the mat AT ALL TIMES
  3. Always respect the “tap”
  4. Practice good self hygiene
  5. Uniform/GI must be kept clean and presentable 
  6. Fingernails and toenails trimmed to avoid scratching training partners 
  7. If you arrive late, stand at the foot of the mat and wait for instructor to call you in to the class
  8. Be aware of your health. DO NOT train while sick or with infections
  9. Take care of cuts and scrapes. Keep them covered while training 
  10. Don’t coach, be a student. Allow the instructor to be the coach 
  11. Be aware of your area while training.

Any workout attire that is comfortable to you. Please avoid any cargo shorts/pants and clothes with zippers.

A black belt in Jiu Jitsu is a huge accomplishment in itself. The general consensus is that it takes on average 8-10 years. Many individuals have done it much faster, as success in competition can greatly expedite this process. 

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